Big business decisions must often be made within pre-defined tight time limits, and with no easy access to essential validated information and intelligence.  Unfortunately, internal expertise may not be available to close information gaps or sufficiently validate key assumptions.  The need to maintain confidentiality is also a constraining factor in collecting information.

Intelligence may be required, often on short notice, in due diligence processes, during business development competitive positioning, and fact-gathering to minimize decision risk, such as in tenders, trading and crisis management.

Eikland Energy AS draws on extensive energy industry experience and network, comprehensive databases, models and numerical methods to provide high-impact fact-gathering and ad-hoc investigative analytics.  Our approach combines high-frequency, accurate multi-band sensing of all terrestrial and coastal locations in the world, with imagery analytics and search tools developed by Eikland Energy for the energy industry.

The combined use of multiple real-time information sources, commercial information and industry knowledge – “Multi-INT” – brings insight before the market can, resolves key uncertainties with timely hard facts, and open new opportunities.  Please consult the iGIS/LNG information page for illustrations, call +47-99517555 or send email to to discuss how Eikland Energy can assist.